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Hello and thank you so much for visiting. Okay, so a little about me... well, I'm 23 years old and have been modeling since I was about 20 but been dreaming about it since I was like 2 haha...and was so pumped when iMage One Network got me all started :). Now that I'm hear I plan on staying. Now I get to share every part of me with you each and every month if you promise to stay tuned like I hope you will ;). I promise to make each and every picture and video to be extremely hot and sexy just for your eyes. This will be a site that you favor and will always want to visit. Okay, back to the "about me" stuff... Oh my goodness!! this is one if my favorites. I am in this field with barbed wire and broken pieces of wood. But just for ya'll I stood, lay, and posed for some sexy shots. In this set, I have my hair slicked back a little, skin all golden and soft. I am wearing a sexy snug lace brown thong and beig...

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Escorts are delightful women who know how to become the center of attention on the most splendid fashion shows. Only they can make a collection look as incredible as it should be. It is because they have marvelous attributes that make them stand out and create an unforgettable impression on everyone that observes them. They know how to wear designer clothes and accessories with elegance and class. Discover the features that make these hottest ladies the most striking models.

Stylish women who always look sensational

As your delightful escort Paris that you can find on http://www.6annonce.com/ will explain you, a model must be photogenic. That is to say that she must look sensational and know how to wear the appropriate clothes in front of the camera. Even women considered the most "beautiful" can appear as unattractive in pictures. The reasons are simple: some elements of being photogenic can be learned but unfortunately many of them depend on the genes.

However, these spectacular companions from 6annonce have been blessed with graceful attributes. Each one of them has a beautiful face with harmonious, soft and profiled features like beautiful eyes, centered nose, high cheekbones and an even jaw line.

Stunning escorts are always characterized for having an impeccable appearance regardless of their daily busy schedule. They have a smooth skin and well-kept hands and nails. Additionally, they have been blessed with a slim and stylized silhouette and lush curves that allows them to use the most exclusive designs.

Being a model is an art, and like any other job it requires capacity, talent, strength and endurance. Therefore, these striking ladies are aware that as important as their appearance is their intelligence and professionalism. They take care diligently of every detail related to each one of their presentations.

Work schedules are constantly changed or last minute appointments appear, so they need to keep up with any situation as your dazzling escort Paris will tell you. Therefore, a professional model must find an efficient way to organize her agenda in order to be able to arrive on time to each one of her presentations.

Spectacular women with remarkable features

As with any job, having personality is important as your dazzling escort Paris will let you know. For that reason, these spectacular ladies qualities such as sympathy, attitude, positivity, good humor and intelligence. In addition to having an amazing silhouette and a splendid presence, they also know how to be flirty.

These fabulous women have a developed self-esteem and a strong mind that allows them to cope with any kind of challenge.

Throughout their career these beautiful escorts became experts in styles like Glamour photography due to their attractiveness and outgoing personality. This technique emphasizes the sexuality of a model. For this kind of shooting session, these stunning ladies wear a variety of garments like lingerie and bathing suits.

They can also pose for artistic or nude photographs which are usually included on articles published in magazines for men.

Fabulous escorts know how to handle the pressure of any type of event. They have a wide experience in diverse kinds of spectacles such as conventions, expos, fairs, receptions, inaugurations, presentations, product launches, filming projects and fashion shows to mention some.